Marilyn Loughray

  • Marilyn is a conservative

  • Marilyn supports fully opening the schools

  • Marilyn supports giving parents the choice of a virtual, at home learning option OR a traditional F2F (Face-to-Face) classroom experience ​

  • Marilyn supports Parent Choice. Parents should be able to choose what type of school they feel is in the child or children's best interest

  • Marilyn believes parents should have control over their children’s educational experience 

  • Marilyn supports addressing children’s physical and mental suffering

  • Marilyn supports financial transparency

  • Marilyn supports a superior curriculum focusing on practical skills, unity, and patriotic truth  

  • Marilyn supports promoting independent thinking, free from political agenda and propaganda 

  • Marilyn supports working with teachers and parents for the best learning environment for all children 

  • Marilyn supports establishing accountability

  • Marilyn is a 33 plus year Plano resident

  • Marilyn has raised 2 children in Plano schools

  • ​Marilyn is a grandmother now raising 3 orphaned grandchildren in Plano schools

  • Marilyn brings common sense back into decision making

  • Marilyn supports Making Plano Schools Excellent Again