Marilyn Loughray

Marilyn is a 33+ year resident of Plano. She received a BA in Political Science from University of Texas at Dallas and received Summa Cum Laude honors. She is a loving mother of two who went to Huffman, Renner, Shepton and Plano Senior. They went on to graduate from college and have families of their own. Her son is in the Air Force Reserves and currently on deployment.


Tragically, she lost her adult daughter to suicide and a son in law to Cancer. She is now raising her three orphaned grandchildren with her husband. They have been enrolled in Plano schools since kindergarten. They are high achieving students and participate in extra curricular activities including varsity softball and dive team. They are in Middle School (Haggard), High School (Vines), and Senior High School (Plano Senior). Marilyn holds a deep appreciation for the state of Texas and holds true to her familial values.


Marilyn is running for the 2021 PISD Board of Trustees because she believes that our school system should be held to a standard of excellence. She seeks to do everything in her power to “Make Plano Schools Excellent Again.” In the past, Plano schools exhibited a standard of excellence. Marilyn will bring it back to this state while making it better by using her common-sense approach. Marilyn stands by her convictions of the common-sense assessment of today’s complex issues that affect our children with a focus on protecting them and their education. She believes parents should choose between a remote, virtual at home learning option or a traditional F2F (Face-to-Face) classroom experience. She will fight for children’s right to an excellent education that hard-working taxpayers pay for.